Being Mindful In your actions means to focus your being on the task at hand, whether writing a quick note, arranging flowers, or doing your taxes.
It is a form of meditation in that you attend to just one thing at a time.
Rather like a body breathing meditation session.

Whereas being Mindful Of your actions is both pre- and -post being Mindful In your actions.

Here’s what I mean:
Mindfulness In assumes that the action your are engaged in is the correct action, that it fulfills your intent.
Mindfulness Of attempts to ensure that the action undertaken will or has fulfilled your intent.

For example, Lunch –

Mindfulness in ensures you don’t eat too fast, chew your food completely, savor each bite.
Mindfulness of causes you to turn right out of the post office toward Pita Jungle rather than left toward Jack in the Box.

Mindfulness Of alerts your awareness that although you thoroughly enjoyed your meal, the Ultimate Cheeseburger and egg rolls weren’t exactly what you intended to eat and to be more mindful in your driving next time you’re running errands.

I desperately need to be more Mindful Of and In my actions…or at least I gather from the Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries I just ate.

You were saying?

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