Response to Lavander Liberal Post

Response to Lavander Liberal Post

I haven’t visited Kostric’s Myspace page and don’t know whether or not he is a nutbucket.

What bothers me is how people assume just because he’s carrying a gun that he is a nutbucket.

The Secret Service and local LEOs were all carrying guns. Are they nutbuckets?

Kostric had a right, Constitutionally and under state law, to carry a gun – as does every other citizen in New Hampshire.
Why should exercising that right automatically categorize him as a nutbucket?

That reaction is demonstrative of how fearful we’ve become as a nation.
Not just of people who have guns, but against anyone who espouses an opinion (by word or act) contrary to whatever is the prevailing opinion climate.

In 2001, if you spoke out against the Patriot act you were un-American.
In 2009, if you speak out against health care reform you’re un-American (and whatever other epithet comes to mind).

I would think people in LGBTIU community would be especially sensitive to the stereotypical assumptions about who you are as a person based upon what you’re wearing or who you’re holding hands with.

Of course I knew before I started writing this response that I was wrong.
People are people, regardless of their community or experiences.
People are conditioned to mistrust first, make assumptions next, and (maybe) ask questions later.
Is it any wonder misanthropy and separatism is so appealing to many diverse groups?

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