For a few weeks I have been considering trading my truck in on a car. Last weekend I nearly took advantage of the governments Car Allowance Rebate System, however I did not have the time to research it.

Earlier this week the brakes on my truck failed, so did the water pump. I lamented the $1800 I had to dig up to pay for the repairs and the cash I could have saved by trading in the truck last weekend.

Today I got serious about getting rid of the truck and put some research into the goverment incentive program. Driving a truck with a 5.9 ltr engine that gets 13mpg should be exactly the sort of vehicle the program is designed to get off the, and it is…BUT…

The program has qualifications and limitations. Not surprising, it is a goverment program. One of them is a height limitation in the new car to be purchased.

Not a limitation on the height of the car, a limitation on the height of the driver. Although it is not explicitly stated, the maximum driver heigt appears to 6’1″ depending on the model car.

I’m kidding, right?
I wish.

The CARS website has a tool for finding eligible vehicles to purchase. In order to qualify, a passenger car must get 22mpg or higher. I didn’t think that was going to be a big issue. I was wrong.

I checked the Ford Taurus, Mazda 6, Hyundai Genesis – all of which get significantly better gas milage than my truck. The problem is they all have too much leg room. I can actually move my foot between the gas and break without slamming my knee into they steering wheel. So they are ineligible for the program.

I must admit to a little omission…the program will allow me to buy a new truck I fit into. Admittedly the new trucks only get 3 or 4 mpg better than my truck, but every little bit counts. Right?

This makes no sense to me. I can get a less fuel efficient truck, but not a more fuel efficient car. All because I’m too tall.

Do I get the unsafe to drive but fuel efficient small car, or the comfortable gas guzzling truck? Hmmm…

So, next subject.
Which trucks do you think are the most comfortable?

You were saying?

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