It may go without saying…but I’ll say it anyway.

Life is strange.

It’s been rather awhile since I’ve written anything.
Rather longer since I’ve posted anything here.

Things have been up and down, and up and down – but generally speaking on a downward trend. Bad health, bad finances, bad relationships, death, etc.

Then there’s this damn pandemic and quarantine like a Lutefisk/Marmite/Camembert frosting on top of the whole headcheese pie of life. And yet…just as I’m well and truly done with it all…that last bit of evil Pandora kept seeps insidiously across synapses deep within the shriveled grey matter hidden beneath my greying hair.

Maybe I can turn my health around.
Maybe I can be productive.
Maybe I can be happy.
Maybe I can write something!

Ah, there it is dear reader. The delusion. The well-travelled path to despair and disappointment. Like any object caught in the pull of an irresistible force – I am inexorably drawn inward, downward, and onward…

And so, we begin again.

You were saying?

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