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It occurred to me

– as I considered the nature of reality at 3:30am

that The Buddha did not have a good recliner.

Rumination Revival

I’m seriously considering starting to post here again.

It’s been four years since I used this site, but I feel the need to write again – why, yes, it is a severe chronic illness.

Anyhow. I may resurrect some of my old posts just so the place isn’t so empty.

You’ll also note along the top there are links to my free/busy calendar, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



I find I am often derailed in my daily undertakings by the unplanned and unexpected.

Yesterday it was a rock through a sliding glass door. Today it was an unsatisfactory visit to one of the spouse’s physicians & later a fall due to my bad ankle.

That is not to say the days were completely lost. It did take an inordinate amount of energy to move back on task and accomplish even minor tasks.

I believe this errant energy waste is due to trying to force equanimity upon myself rather than accepting, experiencing, and releasing the negative emotion generated by the unexpected event.

There’s always tomorrow.

Economic equality

There is no such thing as economic equality. There never has been, there never will be.

There have been times and places through-out history where large swaths of population shared relatively equal economic statuses.
Mostly poor. But, there have always been those who were poorer and those who were richer.

My point is that artificial attempts to re-distribute wealth have always met with limited success. Mostly by making the bulk of the population poorer.

The U.S. has been singularly fortunate in balancing free enterprise with re-distribution of wealth.
We have a very large and prosperous middle class. Which is exactly what we want.

We need most of the population to be content. As all politicians should know, you threaten that contentment at your peril.

So the challenge is: How do we bring more people up from poor and into the contentment of the middle class?
And how do we do it without impinging on the comfortable lifestyles currently enjoyed by the middle class?

Radical changes to their health care system isn’t it. Telling them the government will now have even more control over their lives isn’t it.

What exactly is the problem with health care?
That it’s expensive?
What part the insurance? Services? Both?

That insurance companies have too much control over treatment options?
That doctors have to carry massive malpractice insurance just in case they make a mistake?

Does everybody get to drive a Mercedes?
Huh? Did I make that turn too fast?

If I work to buy a Mercedes, does that mean my unemployed neighbor gets one too?

Anything anyone has they earned, or someone earned it for them.
My parents have worked hard all their lives to ensure their children and grandchildren have advantages they didn’t.
We benefit from their efforts. I am very fortunate.

Why should my efforts or my parents efforts be usurped for the benefit of someone else?

I’m not insensitive to the plight of the unemployed & uninsured.

Healthcare Reform

I really want comments on this one – lurkers.

The Obama driven “Health Care Reform” bill is just like the Patriot Act.
Poorly articulated, of dubious purpose and function, and being shoved down the throats of the citizenry.
Anyone who questions it must be “Un-American” “Un-Patriotic”, or merely a delusional whatever-wing fanatic.
Wow, different party in office, different agenda – same tactics.

Why will no one answer questions forthright?
Just give us the facts, no spin, no persuasion – let us decide for ourselves.

  • Why do we need health care reform? What ‘exactly’ is wrong with our health care?
  • What part of health care are you talking about? Provision? Administration? What?
  • Does the government now get to decide what treatments are “covered”? – I have an HMO to deny my treatment now, what do I need the government to do that for?
  • Is the government going to set up more “free” clinics? Or will every doctor now be drafted into “free” service?
  • Will I have the right to a second opinion on my health care needs?
  • Is the government going to subsidize my medications, therapies, and medical equipment? Will it all be free?
  • If I am employed and must stay healthy to earn a living, will I have to wait in line at public clinics with all the unemployed sick people?
  • What kind of emergency procedures will be covered? Experimental procedures? Routine procedures?

There are more questions, but my arthritis is acting up.

HEY! Why when I go to – the government’s search engine – and type in “Health care reform” why do I get “98 results for health care reform out of at least 947,000”?
And why isn’t the text of the proposed bill one of the very first things I see? I can’t even figure out where to get a copy to read myself!
I went to, the government’s propaganda site – truly it is because there isn’t a link to be found to the text of the bill!
Forget “Where’s Waldo”, where’s the bill?

Frikkin Wordpresd

 Ok, I’m back to disliking WordPress. Just lost a nice long post because the “page doesn’t exist”. That’s nice, it could have cached what I had written!

Move page?

I like the ease of wordpress. The next task will be porting the old stuff. Then I’ll see about custom add ons. Then locate a host. Then move from experimental site to permanent site.
Then have a beer. I figure it should take less than 5 years.